30th May 2015:

The Blackpool dance festival was once again stunning. We were amazed by all the beautiful dancing and dresses. We particularly enjoyed amateur latin and seeing Michael and Lauren showing off our dresses, we couldn't ask for a better sponsor couple. It's been just over a year since we started sponsoring them and we are still just as proud (if not more so) as the day we started. We can't wait to see them showing off more of our work.

We'd just like to finish by thanking all the dancers, dress makers, coaches and organizers who all contribute to making this such an amazing 9 days, we look forwards to many more in the future.

23rd January 2015:

Back after a wonderful 3 days of watching some splendid dancing at the UK open 2015. We'd like to thank all the dancers for providing us with such great entertainment. We particularly enjoyed watching the new partnerships that have formed and the new styles of dancing they have produced. Naturally, we were also proud to watch Michael and Lauren and pictures of the 2 dresses Lauren wore, and Michael's Latin top will be uploaded to the gallery on Wednesday.

22nd November 2014:

Big congratulations to our sponsor couple, Michael Hemera and Lauren McFarlane Hemera on winning the British Closed Latin Championship! Having seen all their hard work over the last year we can honestly say we couldn't imagine a more deserving couple, and are really truly happy for them. Pictures will soon follow.

11th October 2014:

The Website has gone live, as has our facebook page and twitter.

9th October 2014:

Big congratulations to Lauren and Michael for making the quarter finals at The International at the Albert Hall. To see all their latest dresses check out our gallery.

28th May 2014:

We'd like to congratulate our sponsor couple, Michael Hemera and Lauren McFarlane-Hemera, on placing 14th in the Blackpool Dance Festival amateur latin category. They danced superbly and we look forward to continuing to support them in the future!