About us

Kay Design

Kay design is run by Tim Wendland and Kaori Asada Wendland. Kaori is our head designer and is also a professional ballroom dancer and former fashion history lecturer. As a competitor she initally made dresses only for herself, but soon other competitors were asking her to make their dresses too. Kaori uses her knowledge as a dancer to make dresses that are not just beautiful, but also dynamic, flowing with a dancers lines so that the dancer feels light and free. Further, as a fashion historian, Kaori mixes the best of past and current fashion to design stunning dresses and latin tops.

Aoi Produce

Aoi produce is our Japanese sister company. It was started in 2006 by Kaori. Among their achievements, they have made costumes for Izumi Arai (Japanese Champion, International Championships Professional Ballroom Quarter Finals) and stars of French "Dancing with the Stars", Christophe Licata and Coralie Anfray Licata.