• Our sponsor couple Michael Hemera and Lauren Hemera McFarlane
    Our sponsor couple
    Michael Hemera and
    Lauren McFarlane Hemera
  • Lauren Hemera

    Lauren at the European
    Championships in Blackpool

  • Front shot of our sponsor couple

Weaving Dreams

A dress isn't just fabric woven together by thread, it is an extension of ones personality. A good dress should accentuate the image a dancer is trying to put across to the audience. Different cuts and details can drastically change this message. Further, a dress must move dynamically with a dancers body, stretching with different lines and steps. Whether you are a professional finalist or this is your first dress, we at Kay Design London want to work together with you to create the perfect dress to accurately portray your style.

What we make

Kay Design London specializes in Ballroom and Latin American dresses for competition and dance parties. Further, we also make Latin tops for the same purpose. We have also made various other special orders, such as demo dresses and evening gowns, but rest assured, we keep up with the latest fashion and techniques, so that whatever we make will be of the highest quality.

If you are having trouble deciding what exactly you want made, please take a look at our gallery for samples of our work. Otherwise, you can check out Kaori's fashion corner to find out what's in vogue at the latest dance competitions.

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